Who We Are

The Minnesota Association of Housing Code Officials (MAHCO) is a non-profit professional organization serving the needs of Minnesota’s housing inspectors.

MAHCO was incorporated with the State of Minnesota on November 26, 1991. MAHCO has statewide membership and is growing.

The founding premises and goals behind the creation of MAHCO were to:

  • Provide training and educational opportunities for housing inspectors;
  • Develop and implement a housing inspector certification program;
  • Facilitate the adoption of a statewide housing maintenance code;
  • Provide professional networking opportunities for its members.

What We Do

The purpose of MAHCO is to:

  • Promote the health, safety and welfare of Minnesota residents.
  • Advance, educate and improve efforts of state, county, city and other political subdivision employees who are actively involved with and responsible for the enforcement of housing, environmental, land use and other related codes.
  • Encourage professionalism with regard to the statewide standardization of housing enforcement.
  • Study and advance the practice of code enforcement through certification.
  • Provide state and regional training workshops and educational conferences.


MAHCO has been promoting a statewide uniform housing maintenance code. This concept has been well received by cities throughout the state of Minnesota and encouraged by state legislators.

A single code would create uniformity across the state in:

  • Housing Maintenance Regulations
  • Enforcement Practices
  • Tenant and Landlord Rights and Responsibilities
  • Housing Maintenance Education
  • An organization to turn to with the difficult questions